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  • Introduction

         Wuxi City Fairview Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (Wuxi City Fairview Machinery Factory) was founded in the early 1990s, located in the scenic Taihu Lake - the former Island Industrial Park, the main production 300-3600T copper, aluminum, magnesium and other nonferrous metals extrusion machines and ancillary equipment. After nearly 20 years of development, has become one of the industry's model of business. When the company started to become China's aluminum industry association members, respectively, in 2000 and 2010 has hosted by well-known experts, scholars and the vast majority of customers to participate in the "Aluminum Symposium" and "copper technology innovation will." . With the company's technology, scale, sales growing strength, the company has developed a strong foothold domestic market, the development strategy to expand overseas markets, not only with the past two decades, nearly 300 domestic enterprises and research institutions to establish a good reputation, business relationships with customers in South America, North Africa, Central Asia and the Arab countries, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, more than twenty countries and regions have maintained long-term and good business. Particularly in Argentina, Algeria, products market share as high as 80%. Over the past decade, Fairview brand products has been unanimously praised, the foreign customers. The company in recent years, efforts to develop scientific research building and technical progress, the successful trial of the digital control constant speed extrusion machine, reverse extrusion machine, extruder short stroke and developed a magnesium profiles homemade warm leveler, to fill the gap, won the national patent. Company fundamental to the quality, customer body, combined with the specific requirements of customers in the manufacturing process, strict monitoring of every aspect of production, and really good service work. "Sincere cooperation, quality refinement, perfect service, innovation" is Wuxi City Fairview Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. The company's aim and commitment to our customers, and we sincerely look forward to work with you side by side: innovative, pioneering, development and growth, more powerful, Let "Splendid machinery with you to create a bright future!"